23 février 2001 - 2 septembre 2001
Museum of Modern Art, Ostende
Gottfried Helnwein
Installation at the St Joseph church in Ostend, Belgium
Between Earth and Heaven
New Classical Movements in the Art of Today
Fall of the Angels. It's a slow fall. Its actually a fall in extreme slow motion. Its so slow that the motion seems frozen, like a glacier that's constantly flowing and moving, though not perceptible to our eyes, because for us, who live short and fast, glaciers appear to be static and eternal. That former angel seems to be suspended between hell and heaven, It has not hit the bottom yet - and it probably never will - but it's getting closer ....constantly. Gottfried Helnwein
Fall of the Angels
Installation, 2001, 1000 x 700 cm / 393 x 275''
Gottfried Helnwein
Chief curator Willy Van den Bussche

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