14 mars 2008 - 8 juin 2008
Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Out of Shape: Stylistic Distortions of the Human Form in Art from the Logan Collection
Various themes and concerns are explored by the artists including gender, social, and ethnic identity perception of the self (Su-en Wong); distortions of scale (Eisenman and Philips); use of cartoon or highly stylized imagery (Wesley, Ali, Fujita, Ofili); utilizing the superhero image (Warhol and Ramos); revisiting the Surreal figure (Tyson, Dingle, Quinn, Gormley); composite images of fictional characters (Kauper, Yuskavage, Currin, Lijun, Schütte); emotionally charged faces and forms (Flannigan, Gottfried Helnwein); a twisted notion of reality that reflects a dark world view (McLane, Middlebrook); images of the human form moving through time and space (Herring, Nauman); and the spirit of Neo-expressionism (Clemente, Brown).
mixed media (oil and acrylic on canvas), 1994, 210 x 141 cm / 82 x 55''

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