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1 décembre 2004
Legion of Honor, San Francisco Fine Arts Museums
Palace of the Legion of Honor
'The Child' Exhibition - 130,000 VISITORS- The reviews
Summary of reviews and texts
Adults bring a trunkful of contradictory cultural baggage to any representations of children. That's what makes the work of Helnwein so powerful. In his show, "The Child," at the Legion of Honor (of the San Francisco Fine Arts Museums), deformed infants and bandaged children stir feelings of pity, defiance and uneasiness about exploitation. There's an ambiguously disturbing painting of a girl aiming a gun into an open refrigerator and another of a bare-breasted mother and child surrounded by Aryan soldiers. But the most haunting images may be the ones of children who seem strangely oblivious to the adult gaze. Some of Helnwein's children peer right past the onlooker. Others sleep, dreaming of anything but us behind their silky eyelids. And some, like the enormous, half- shadowed "Head of a Child" at the Legion, see straight through us with cloudless, infinite blue eyes. Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle, 17. November 2004
"The Child", works by Gottfried Helnwein

The Child- ゴットフリード・ヘルンウェイン(Gottfried Helnwein)
この美術館で有名なのは、なんといってもロダンの「考える人(The Thinker)」でしょう。なんて、入ってすぐの前庭、目の前にあります。なんだか不思議な気分です。その割には、周りの人たちは結構無関心だったりしますが。見慣れてるんでしょうか。
ゴットフリード・ヘルンウェイン(Gottfried Helnwein)。この片仮名表記で合ってるかどうかわかりませんが。オーストリア人アーティストです。現在のコンテンポラリーでは、彼の作品展「The Child」が開催されていました。


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