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4 décembre 2005
Sunday Mirror
United Kingdom
Maeve Quigley
The couple exchanged vows after dark at a private ceremony in the home of their artist friend Gottfried Helnwein.
Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson tied the knot with his burlesque bride Dita Von Teese in a secret ceremony in Tipperary last night. The couple exchanged vows after dark at a private ceremony in the home of their artist friend Gottfried Helnwein. The stately Irish castle where Helnwein lives with his family was transformed into a gothic fortress as pals including Lisa Marie Presley, Johnny Depp, Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie arrived for the event. As darkness fell, former stripper Dita, 32, walked through the gothic arches of the castle's Great Hall to the sound of a harp - dressed in a stunning gown designed by Vivienne Westwood and corset expert Mr. Pearl.
She was then greeted by Marilyn, 36, who was flanked by his best man - and his WORST man. But although it seems unconventional to most of us, the couple were planning all the tradition of a church wedding - WITHOUT the church.
Dita, whose real name is Heather Sweet, said: "It's going to be a freak show like everyone presumes. It's going to be elegant and stylish. And it's going to take place at nightfall.
"We like the evenings - I just don't see the point in getting up early to get married."
Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, was dressed in a suit made by John Galliano, topped off with a hat by designer Stephen Jones. He decided to get married here after his artist friend offered him the use of his castles. "We want the pageantry of a normal wedding without the church" Manson said. "Gottfried invited us to g et married at one of his castles in either Germany or Ireland."
The couple, who have been together for five years, were said to have made a pact in blood after their vows. They cut each others fingers then licked the wounds. An insider said: "Marilyn and Dita wanted something more meaningful and romantic, to capture their coming together in front of their loved ones."
"They felt that exchanging their life blood was a beautiful way of cementing their love, rather than slipping on a ring and giving each other a quick snog."
A long list of celebrity guests including Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Keanu Reeves and film director David Lynch then joined the newlyweds for a gothic banquet in the castle's dining room. Manson and his new bride were served dinner by black-waitress in designer uniforms as they sat under the room's focal piece - heraldic angels holding shields of the family arms, and its head of St. Hubert's Stag - the family crest - complete with antlers and crucifix mounted on top of the mantle shelf like a trophy.
Locals in the quiet town have welcomed Manson and his entourage with open arms. In Nagle's Bar yesterday there was a flurry of excitement about the nuptials. One punter said: "There's been a bit of a buzz around town alright - Johnny Depp was spotted in the garage"
"Other than that, no celebrities have been seen but everyone is talking about the wedding."
"I went for a look up at the castle but no-one can get near it, there are security people everywhere."
"But I'm sure everyone here wishes Marilyn and Dita well."
Dita von Teese at her wedding night at Cstle Gurteen le Poer
The Wedding
Dita Von Teese, at the wedding at Helnwein's Irish castle
Marilyn Manson, Helnwein, Dita

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