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1 janvier 2011
Jacquelyn Lewis
Vicki & Kent Logan
VAIL, Colo.—Last year, Vicki and Kent Logan made headlines when they announced a $60 million-plus bequest to the Denver Art Museum—the largest planned gift in the museum’s 113-year history. That gift includes a promise of the Logan house and the private 7,500-square-foot museum situated next door. The Colorado-based couple has been active on museum boards for many years and has donated extensively to the Denver museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
However, the Logans actually started their collection on a whim and became known in art circles for dropping into major galleries unannounced and snapping up works on impulse.
But that doesn’t mean their collection is slapdash. The Denver Art Museum (where highlights from their holdings are on display through July 15) calls the works “a cohesive, uniquely personal and original collection based on their beliefs about art.”
Kent Logan, who is a retired securities industry executive, spoke to ArtInfo about the collection.
Epiphany I (Adoration of the Magi)
mixed media (oil and acrylic on canvas), 1996, Denver Art Museum

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