Mise à jour
27 juin 2002
Helnwein studio
downtown Los Angeles
Grand studio opening exhibition
Guests: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marilyn Manson, Sean Penn, Beck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Smith, Jason Lee, Mena Suvari, Hans Zimmer, Giovanni Ribisi, Carla Azar, Marissa Ribisi, Roger Avary, Greg Shapiro, Bryten Goss, Dita Von Teese, Danny Masterson, Cobi Jones, Karen Black, Shannyn Sossamon, Peter and Michelle Wolf , Julia Migenes, Patrick Morrison, Henning Lohner and others
Sean Penn, Jason Lee, Gottfried Helnwein, Marilyn Manson
Sean Penn
Leonardo DiCaprio
Mercedes Helnwein
Opening of the art of Gottfried Helnwein
JASON LEE, the actor from "Vanilla Sky" and "Big Trouble," who always creates a special memorable character in his roles,  held an opening of the art of Gottfried Helnwein.  This event was presented by the Jason Lee Foundation, the actor's new initiative to support new artists and artistic projects.  The event was held in a spectacular loft-type complex with 4 separate buildings and a cozy patio with a fire in the middle.  It was a great party for rambling thru all kinds of nooks and crannies and exploring the different art.  Marilyn Manson was there with his girlfriend Dita.  I am publicizing the  upcoming "Swank" party hosted by Dita.  Sean Penn was also there, and Roland Kickinger, the beefy bodygurard from the Howard Stern executive produced show "Son of the Beach,"  as well as Karen Black.  The ambience of the party was absolutely fantastic, with a New York style atmosphere.
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