1 janvier 1999
Text by Lidia Al-Qattan
Sami Mouhammed
...In this work is betrayed the influence of Gottfried Helnwein's sensational Self Portrait serials.
Before leaving to Egypt his works had a distinct inclination endued with his own personality; after his return from abroad he began to betray the influence of Henry Moor at first and then of others modern artists he admired. In studying their style, specially the works of RODIN, HENWEIN and LUTZ, Sami was trying to discover his own special formula in sculpture and painting, for he could find in them an echo of his own mind, the inner surge of his emotional nature and his human sympathies. In "Sabra and Shitila" (1983) he betrays the combined influences of RODIN, HELNWEIN and LUTZ. In "Paralysis and Resistance", a large bronze figure of 1980 to which Sami has imparted his own humanity, his feelings and sentiments and his profound human compassion of an event that apparently touched him deeply .In this work is betrayed the influence of Gottfried Helnwein's sensational Self Portrait serials.
By Lidia Al-Qattan
Sami was born in 1943 in the Sharq district of Old Kuwait Town in modest family surrounding. From early childhood he was betrayed artistic potential in the way of making mechanical toys and little figures of people and animal in clay. In his early school days one of his teachers, Mansoor, discovered his artistic inclination and encouraged him to practice. Other teachers took an interest in his talent and soon he was making drawings for them to hang in their classroom.
In 1956, during the Nationalization of the Suez Canal and the animosity it evoked throughout the Arabian world Sami's school principle charged him to make lots of little figures to stage a battle ground, Sami made about 60 of them representing fighting soldiers and civilians. At the inauguration of the display, that covered the entire school stage, he was awarded first prize. For Sami that was the turning point in his life. From that day art became the ruling spirits of all his undertaking and thoughts, the school atelier became his playground.

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