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1 avril 2006
Los Angeles Weekly
Art Pick
Peter Frank
The Likeness
Exhibition at Hunsacker/Schlesinger, Santa Monica
The near-spectacular gifts of painters such as Scott Hess, Cynthia Sitton, Peter Zokosky and Margret Nielsoen make this anthology as seductive as it is, but the star of the show is Gottfried Helnwein, whose meta-photo-realist apparitions have immediacy and sticking power of ghost stories, crime-site photographs or nightmares.
“The Likeness” comprises a roundup of local painters that shows off their ability to render objects, creatures and humanoids in vivid manners. The exacting technique every one of the 11 artists here practices is not an end in itself, but a tool for bringing the “likeness,” and the context that gives it often-narrative meaning, to a sometimes moving, sometimes excruciating visual vivacity.
Leslie Reed
Hunsaker/Schlesinger Fine Art
2525 Michigan Avenue, #T3
Santa Monica, CA 90404
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